Leather Care

Leather Jacket

Fresh, clean leather excites the senses like no other material. We'll help you keep your leather garments in top shape.

Leather Care Definitions

Color Loss: most leathers will lighten or darken in cleaning. Most will lighten.

Shrinkage: If a leather is stretched too tight when tanned, it may relax in cleaning, which causes shrinkage and may not stretch out to the original size.

Dye Migrations: Dyes from multiple colored garments may not be stable, causing the colors to fade onto each other.

Skin Defects: Thin skins, vein marks, scars, These things are masked by the tanner by using fillers. When the garment is cleaned the fillers may clean out leaving holes, tears, light colored spots or vein lines

Glue Stains: If proper-adhesives are not used when the manufacturer makes a garment, it may leak through the leather causing dark stains - Also, seam tape can come loose leaving glue stains.

Shading: If belly skins are used in making a garment it may darken in areas or appear in soft leathers.

Peeling: If proper dyes are not used when a garment is made, it can peel off when cleaned.

Light Colored Linings & Light Fleece Colors: These may pick up color from darker colored coat it is attached to.

Vinyl Trim: If the manufacturer has applied vinyl to parts of the garment- this portion may turn hard if processed If a coat or dress can be processed, but the belt has a vinyl backing or ornamented to where it is not cleanable, if we process one without the other, there may be a color variation.

Attached Ornaments: Feathers, beads, sequins, painted on designs, etc,) may either melt, break, lose color or become damaged in cleaning.

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