Wedding Dress Service

Wedding Dress cleaningWe offer three different programs to provide the utmost care to your prized garment.

(1) Basic Wedding Dress service

Wedding Dress cleanings start at $250.00 and up.

Upon inspection as to beading and sequins, all wedding dresses are pre-spotted for all stains of food and dirt on them. Sequins are tested to be sure they are dryclean safe. If they are not, applica's will be removed and sewn back on afterward.

(2) The Golden Wedding Dress Program.

One price includes:
  • Press only the dress for pictures
  • Bring back to wear at the wedding
  • After wedding, clean and press.
  • Wedding dress is then packaged in a lifetime Des-L Wedding Chest Box.
  • Guaranteed for life. It is vacuum sealed. Shown with picture of box open and with wedding dress and accessories sealed inside.
  • Cost is the dry cleaning cost of the dress (TBD) plus $100.00

(3) Press Only Sevice

We also offer a "Press Only" service for wedding dresses, which is 75% of the dry cleaning cost of your dress (TBD).

Wedding dresses can also be stored in moth-proof bags that we will provide at no cost to you.

Our Three-Step Process

Step 1:

Clean and Press
Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

Step 2:

Prepare for packaging
Wedding Dress cleaned

Step 3:

Protected for a lifetime
Wedding dress preserved