A Clean That Is Green

We keep the “clean” in dry cleaning.

To make sure your community is as clean as your clothes, we only use Exxon DF-2000™, the most environmentally-friendly hydro-carbon solvent available.

DF-2000™ Fluid for Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a service built on trust. The trust consumers give to a cleaner for proper care of their best apparel, and the trust that the cleaner is committed to a 100% eco-friendly environment. Because some fabrics require special attention and offer no room for com-promise on quality, StanLey Cleaners uses DF-2000™ synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, an effective and environmentally-friendly alter-native to solvents such as perchloroethylene. Coupled with the proper equipment and specially designed additives and processes, DF-2000™ delivers an excellent cleaning performance that’s safe for our employees, for you and your family, and better for our environment. DF-2000™ solvent is a major advancement in hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning. Since its introduction, DF-2000™ solvent has earned a reputation among dry cleaning professionals as the best available alternative dry cleaning solvent. Dry cleaners requiring an alternative solvent have come to trust the proven performance and reliability that DF-2000 solvent delivers.

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StanLey Cleaners in North Dallas, Plano, and Frisco is the go-to dry cleaning and laundry service you’ve been waiting for. We know our business inside and out, and we never take our customers’ expectations for granted. We use the newest robotic shirt equipment to ensure your shirts are pressed to perfection. Our process eliminates clamp marks on your shirttails, broken buttons, and any other mishaps you commonly find in dry cleaners in North Dallas.

Our family is rooted in this community, and we are committed to making your clothes look, smell, and feel amazing!